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This website provides insightful research & analysis of a selection of exploration and development companies. This research is for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Unless otherwise stated all research is independent and no fee has been paid to the author and no interest is held in any of the companies featured.

The Analyst

All the content on this website was created by independent geologist and analyst Niall Tomlinson, who has experience in exploration spanning over 15 years. He has worked as a consultant exploration geologist on many projects worldwide, covering a variety of commodities and ranging from early stage project generation through to large feasibility stage projects. Further to his extensive geological experience, Niall also has a range of corporate experience having founded companies and served on a number of boards. Niall holds an MSc in Mining Geology from Camborne School of Mines (UK), an MSc in Metals and Energy Finance from Imperial College London (UK), a BSc in Exploration and Resource Geology from Cardiff University (UK) and is a Chartered Geologist of The Geological Society.

Niall is based in Vancouver and continues to practice as a consultant exploration geologist both independently and for international exploration consultants SRK Exploration Ltd. Unless otherwise stated, all research is independent of consulting activities and is independent research for which no remuneration is received from the covered companies.